Custom luxury cosmetic product packaging gift boxes Canada style for COACH
  • Custom luxury cosmetic product packaging gift boxes Canada style for COACH
  • Product Performance:Luxury cosmetic product packaging | original innovative cosmetic packaging design for gift boxes | build luxury brand image and differ competition.
  • Product Apply:cosmetic packaging|cosmetic display|cosmetic protective packaging|cosmetic brand & enterprise marketing.
Detailed Description

Custom luxury cosmetic product packaging gift boxes Canada style for COACH |: 

MOQ: 5000pcs;

Brand: COACH;


Custom cosmetic product packaging concepts |: original innovative cosmetic product packaging design | luxury beauty cosmetics product packaging display | ecopack design idea application to protective packaging for cosmetic gift boxes|. 


Material and printing packaging craft |: glossy paper with logo silver stamping and embossing enhance the brand identity recognizable.Embossing and silver stamping effect also provide the best choice with end-consumers to feel the luxury quality of our custom cosmetic product packaging gift boxes | via visual and tactile sense. The luxury feeling will be transferred from luxe cosmetic packaging gift boxes to cosmetic contents and cosmetic brands |. Protective packaging platform is made of recycle cardboard, demonstrate the cosmetic in environmental friendly way. Neat and sharp shape associate the luxury quality of custom cosmetic gift boxes consistent with the luxury quality of cosmetic content. 


Structure |: this custom luxe box adopted lid and base structure, and we blend ecopack idea into the cosmetic product packaging design |, we make the protect packaging of recycle cardboard which protect enviroment.This special cosmetic packaging design not only meet the demand of luxury demonstration, but also meet the public earth protective demand. 


Custom cosmetic packaging solutions |: this is one of excellent stories to show our custom cosmetic packaging solutions for famous cosmetic brand: Coach |. The material selection, structure design, model shape design, graphic design, production craft are all customizable. 


Application: Keep perfume glass and cosmetic jars in good condition, upgrade the brand and promote sales price as well as market share, meanwhile make shoppers feel money worth for their cosmetic content. 


Added value: Pi sustainable packaging is one of the most professional luxury custom cosmetic packaging gift boxes manufacturers |. Multiple custom product packaging concept application | multiple material selection | multiple production processing solutions and original innovative cosmetic product packaging design will make your cosmetic appreciate and build the luxury brand image/eco-friendly enterprise image and so on.Via our original innovative cosmetic packaging design for custom gift boxes |, you can easily differ your cosmetic from your competitors and reduce the anti-counterfeit rate. 

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