Empty square chocolate candy packaging boxes wholesale for LA MAISON DU CHOCOLAT
  • Empty square chocolate candy packaging boxes wholesale for LA MAISON DU CHOCOLAT
  • Product Performance:Feature: natural and bio packaging concept consider food safety and healthy as top priority, fancy paper and elegant handmade craft beautify your chocolate and upgrade your chocolate to luxury level.
  • Product Apply:MOQ: 5000pcs; Brand: LA MAISON DU CHOCOLAT;
Detailed Description
Empty square chocolate candy packaging boxes wholesale for LA MAISON DU CHOCOLAT |: Custom chocolate presentation packaging concept |: blend natural and bio packaging concept | luxury packaging concept | sustainable packaging concept | eco-friendly packaging concept | to upgrade your chocolate quality level and keep chocolate be healthy|. Material & production craft: fancy paper made of pure wooden pulp paper, recycle grey board, printed by edible vegetable base ink play the important role to ensure food safety of chocolate packaging boxes |, so that we avoid secondary pollutions from chocolate box to your chocolate. Meanwhile, matt appearance, neat and luxury looking make your chocolate appreciate as our chocolate candy packaging boxes will remind end-consumers of credible quality consistent with your chocolate quality |. The empty candy packaging boxes are 100% biodegradable and compostable. So we will help you build the eco friendly enterprise image to win the favor of young consumers. Warm tone printing inspire shoppers' strong appetite to take your delicious chocolate and enjoy the delicious chocolate. Packaging boxes structure |: lid & base structure. Custom chocolate product packaging solutions |: Pi sustainable packaging is one of leading custom chocolate packaging boxes suppliers |, who professionally integrated natural and bio product packaging concept | luxury product packaging concept | green packaging concept | into packaging for chocolate|. This is one of our successful examples for famous gourmet brand: LA MAISON DU CHOCOLAT. Application: protective chocolate packaging boxes protect chocolate | food grade packaging boxes will keep your chocolate in hygienic condition | create the social responsible enterprise & brand image for food safety | enviromental protection, present your chocolate in luxury way and enlarge the value of your chocolate | brand marketing | our luxury chocolate packaging boxes stimulate the shoppers' taste bud via visual and tactile sense |.
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