Food safe candy chocolate paper packaging gift boxes wholesale for Lenotre
  • Food safe candy chocolate paper packaging gift boxes wholesale for Lenotre
  • Product Performance:multiple food safe packaging | material application and transparent window display chocolate in luxury way.
  • Product Apply:chocolate packaging,candy packaging, gourmet display, chocolate & candy display, marketing & promotion, protective packaging.
Detailed Description

Food safe candy chocolate paper packaging gift box wholesale for Lenotre|:




MOQ: 5000pcs;


Brand: Lenotre;




Custom candy chocolate product packaging concept |: natural and bio packaging concept partly application | luxury candy chocolate product packaging concept display |. 




Chocolate packaging material and production craft |: made of food grade glossy paper+recycle grey board, printed by edible vegetable base ink, matt lamination is made of virginal plastic which meet food grade, play the important role to ensure food safe for food direct contact packaging |. Matt lamination also upgrade the quality level of sales appearance. Candy packaging gift boxes with transparent PET window display the candy without opening. Logo is gold stamped on transparent PET window so that client's brand identity can be broadcasted widely. Platform is made of golden foil card, which bring shiny effect to your chocolate and upgrade it to royal level. This is the special function of our custom product packaging |. 




Candy packaging boxes structure |: flap linked to base structure, magnet play the role of closure system and create the neat and luxury appearance. The chocolate will all demonstrate in front of shoppers after pulling the ribbon tab. The luxury candy packaging boxes improve the shopping experience in visual & tactile sense. 




Custom candy product packaging solutions |: Pi sustainable packaging is one of most professional candy chocolate packaging box manufacturers in China |. This paper rigid packaging gift box is one successful story of our custom candy product packaging solutions | for famous brand: Lenotre. All material selection, structure, shape, color, production craft are bespoke as per our original innovative chocolate packaging boxes design |. 




Application: upgrade the products/brand to luxury level, make value of chocolate appreciate and drive shoppers strong desire to take your chocolate, luxury display, food safe packaging boxes keep confectionery from pollution and protect chocolate in dry & good condition during transportation, promote the brand identity more recognizable. 




Added value: our natural and bio chocolate packaging concept application | luxury product packaging concept will play the important role of food safety and luxury display. Additionally, our original innovative chocolate packaging design will also make your chocolate differ from your competitors, help you grab more shoppers' eyes, drive shoppers willing to pay more for chocolate, they will also enjoy the shopping experience via the credible quality of luxury chocolate packaging transferring to the quality of your chocolate |. 

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