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Custom food product retail packaging boxes supplies for Room Saveurs |
  • Custom food product retail packaging boxes supplies for Room Saveurs |
  • Product Performance: the large food grade gift packaging boxes are divided by ladder structure and display gourmet in sense of layers, half moon shape hollowed as the handle respect user-friendly design concept.Freshing printing bring healthy feeling to gourmet lovers.
  • Product Apply:food packaging,gourmet display, gourmet marketing & promotion, gourmet protective packaging.
Detailed Description
Custom food product retail packaging boxes supplies for Room Saveurs |:
MOQ: 5000pcs;
Brand: Room saveurs;
Custom food packaging concept |: apply luxury product packaging | natural and bio packaging | original innovative food packaging design | user-friendly product packaging | concepts to luxury food safe packaging |. 
Food safe packaging material and production craft: glossy paper is made of pure wooden pulp to respect non-toxic and food safety highly, wrap over recycle grey board by edible starch base glue, matt lamination made of virgin raw plastic upgrade the class of appearance. Fresh & colorful design style is printed by edible vegetable base ink which is safe for food direct contact. Elegant packaging craft  and strong mechanical structure make your take out paper food grade containers be stronger and look neat. 
Food packaging boxes structure |: Multiple creative product packaging boxes structure application |: ladder structure mixing two layers structure and lid & base structure. This innovative structure make your gourmet feel layered, half moon shape sculptured as handle on the small side of paper food boxes is convenient for dinner attendants to bring the gourmet.
Custom food packaging solutions |: This is one successful example to apply custom packaging solutions for famous gourmet brand: Room saveurs. Material selection, multiple structure design, dimension, shape, color, printing and handmade craft application are bespoke considering special demand of food safe,luxury display and user-friendly. 
Application: protect gourmet in good condition and keep food safe due to the natural & bio concept application | grab consumers' eyes and make them enjoy their dining experience | make your gourmet appreciate via luxury packaging display | brand marketing and build the luxury brand image |. 
Additional value: Pi sustainable packaging is one of leading food service packaging manufacturers all over the world |, who provide one stop service from eco-friendly tableware | food safe packaging boxes | secondary food product packaging |. Our original innovative packaging design, graphic design | creative structure design | multiple product packaging concept | multiple product packaging material application | multiple printing & packaging craft application | and so on will make your gourmet stand out of fierce competition and win the end-consumers' favour. 
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