wholesale compostable food grade chocolate candy display packaging gift boxes for Lenotre |
  • wholesale compostable food grade chocolate candy display packaging gift boxes for Lenotre |
  • Product Performance:Apply original innovative chcolate packaging design | nature and bio packaging| ecopack | concepts to chocoate cookie direct contact packaging |. biodegradable & compostable/original ecological appearance become the best name card to demonstrate your enterprise core value: nature, social responsibility for food safety, environmental protection and so on.
  • Product Apply:chocolate packaging,chocolate brand marketing & promotion,chocolate display,chocolate protective packaging.
Detailed Description

wholesale compostable food grade chocolate candy display packaging gift boxes for Lenotre|:

MOQ: 50000pcs;

Brand: Lenotre; 


Custom chocolate food grade packaging concept |: nature and bio packaging | sustainable packaging | eco-friendly packaging | concepts are blended into chocolate food safe packaging |. 


Food safe packaging material and production processing |: is made of edible starch base polymer, which is from natural resource, biodegradable & compostable. Logo is embossed to broadcast your brand recognization. Original ecology appearance and edible starch base polymer convince your target clients of natural, healthy, hygeian value inside your chocolate. 


Chocolate packaging boxes structure |: Lid and base structure, creatively blend diamond shape to display chocolate in luxury way. 


Custom chocolate packaging solution |: This is one successful story of our custom chocolate packaging solutions |, food safe material application, model shape design, color, structure, logo are all can be custom made as per your specific demand. 


Application: diamond shape create luxury fashion to promote your chocolate image, food safe material keep chocolate in hygeian, non-toxic & dry condition; prevent chocolate or cookie from damage as chocolate protective packaging during transportation |; build the strong emotion connection between your brand/chocolate/enterprise and end-consumers via demonstration of food safety, nature, healthy, enviroment protection and so on in your chocolate. 


Additional value: Our multiple product packaging concept | such as natural & bio product packaging concept | sustainable packaging idea | ecopack idea | will create DNA of food safety, nature, original ecology, sustainability for your chocolate/brand/enterprise. Our custom chocolate product packaging solutions integrate multiple organic material application | multiple product packaging craft application | original innovative product packaging design | chocolate packaging boxes structure design | into your chocolate packaging |. So your chocolate will jump out of shelf and grab shoppers' eyes, drive them strong appeal to buy your chocolate/candy/cookie and so on. Our original innovative design will also offer creative model shape design as well as graphic design. 

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