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Custom made rigid paper packaging boxes for chocolates brand: Lily|
  • Custom made rigid paper packaging boxes for chocolates brand: Lily|
  • Product Performance:Food grade packaging material application consider food safe and health as top priority, drawer structure and luxury display beautify your chocolate and brand.
  • Product Apply:chocolate packaging, candy packaging, chocolate and candy marketing & promotion, chocolate and candy display.
Detailed Description

Custom made rigid paper packaging boxes for chocolates brand: Lily|:

MOQ: 5000pcs;

Brand: Lily;


Custom chocolate packaging concept |: food grade product packaging material application | luxury packaging concept display chocolate elegantly and keep chocolate healthful |. 


Chocolate packaging boxes material and handmade craft: pure wooden pulp paper+recycle grey board and printed by edible vegetable base ink, food safe matt lamination & blister made of virginal plastic reflect the social responsible enterprise image of food safety, but also demonstrate chocolate in luxury manners. Paper sleeve printed by chocolate brown matching the cyan background topple the tone of traditional chocolate packaging |. Cyan ribbon as finger tab is convenient for end-consumers to pull the chocolate boxes drawers outside of boxes |, reflect the user-friendly packaging concept |.  


Bespoke chocolate packaging boxes structure |: drawer structure, which bring more luxury element to your brand and chocolate. 


Custom chocolate product packaging solutions |: Pi sustainable packaging is a leading custom chocolate product packaging gift boxes suppliers |, who introduce natural and bio product packaging concept | luxury product packaging concept | our original innovative packaging design | user friendly packaging concept | into packaging boxes for chocolate artistic|. This is one of our excellent examples to custom made chocolate product packaging gift boxes supplies for famous gourmet brand: Lily. 


Application: protective packaging for chocolate | our food safe packaging boxes will keep your chocolate in healthful condition | build the social responsible enterprise image for food safety | display your chocolate in luxury way and make your chocolate appreciate dramatically | our luxury chocolate packaging boxes inspire the shoppers' taste bud via visual and tactile sense |.So your end consumers will feel money worth.  


Additional value: Our luxury product packaging concept | original innovative food grade packaging design | custom chocolate packaging solutions | not only improve the shopping experience, but also make your chocolate achieve differential competition and bring fresh and creative feeling to your end consumers. So they are willing to pay more for your chocolate, and enjoy your chocolate. 

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