Personalised  large wine gift boxes wholesale for Johnie walker blue label |
  • Personalised large wine gift boxes wholesale for Johnie walker blue label |
  • Product Performance:Feature: luxury wine packaging display |original and innovative wine packaging design | eco friendly packaging | material applied to wine packaging gift boxes | create natural and environmental protective feeling;
  • Product Apply:wine packaging,wine brand marketing & promotion, wine bottle holder and wine protective packaging.
Detailed Description

Personalised  large wine gift boxes wholesale for Johnie walker blue label |: 


Brand: Johnie walker blue label; 


custom wine packaging concept: luxury packaging |concept display for wine packaging boxes | original and innovative wine packaging design | sustainable packaging | ecopack | eco friendly packaging concept |.


Wine packaging boxes structure |: clampshell packaging boxes structure | bring luxury and freshing feeling to your wine, two blue string as handle and play the role of closure system for wine boxes |. 


Custom wine packaging material |: eco-friendly fancy paper dyed special blue wrap over recycle grey board. Recycle grey board and eco friendly fancy paper application reflect their serious consideration of environmental protection during development of wine packaging |, even though they need to custom made luxury wine boxes |. Special blue fancy paper indicate Johnie walker consistent logo color application to their wine packaging boxes and high quality requirement. Consistent logo color applied to wine packaging boxes also benifit to keep brand identity be consistent and create consistent brand impression. Velvet handle is another factor to compose luxury wine display. Gold stamping applied to logo to highlight our famous client brand: Johnie walker. This personalised wine gift box | is made of paper and velvet handle made of natural plant base fiber, but material selection,wine packaging concept,wine packaging boxes structure,printing and post printing craft application etc are custom made. So not only paper wine box |, but also personalised wooden wine box | are also available. 

DSCN0382 1


production processing: elegant printing and gold stamping emphasize client's logo, so custom printed wine boxes | can decorate your wine and brands, broadcast your wine brand widely. 


Dimensions and shape: it is a large luxury wine gift boxes |, but the dimensions & shape are bespoke. 


Application: this luxury custom packaging wine box | help you build luxury brand, build eco friendly enterprise image, protect your wine bottle, promote your wine value due to luxury concept application, boost your wine sales. 


Added-value: Pi sustainable packaging co., Ltd is a leading custom wine bottlel packaging box companies in China |, who introduce our original innovative wine packaging design | eco-friendly | sustainable packaging | luxury wine packaging | custom wine packaging solution | to wine packaging boxes |. So we help you promote your great enterprise image of eco-friendly, and make you different from your competitors.


Custom wine packaging solution: This wine box is one example of our customizable packaging solution, tailor-made for famous wine brand: Diageo Johnie walker blue label. All the material, shape, structure, production processing and so on are bespoke as per original innovative packaging design. 


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