Sephora custom cosmetic packaging gift boxes supplies
  • Sephora custom cosmetic packaging gift boxes supplies
  • Product Performance:luxury cosmetic display, brand marketing,
  • Product Apply:luxury cosmetic gift boxes | lid linked to base structure is convenient for display.
Detailed Description

Sephora custom cosmetic packaging gift boxes supplies |:

Material: glossy paper+recycle chip board+matt lamination display cosmetic in elegant and luxury way, custom colorful printing inspire shoppers strong appeal to buy your cosmetic. Logo is personalized to advertise your brand identity. 


Structure: lid linked to base. 


Application: brand identity populaization, marketing promotion, stimulate sales, protect cosmetic jars | plastic cosmetic containers | glass cosmetic bottle | from damage during transportation, improve shopping experience. 


Added value:  Pisourcing is professional in custom luxury cosmetic packaging |. Our one stop service will not only provide you luxury cosmetic product packaging |, but also glass or plastic empty cosmetic jars| glass cosmetic bottles | plastic cosmetic containers |. Our original innovative packaging design will offer you our own creative model shape design for cosmetic packaging boxes | cosmetic containers |, but also graphic design. 

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