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Custom made luxury cosmetic product packaging boxes for Lancome |
  • Custom made luxury cosmetic product packaging boxes for Lancome |
  • Product Performance:golden grain appearance create delux image for cosmetics and brand.
  • Product Apply:Luxury cosmetic gift boxes beautify your cosmetic and upgrade your cosmetic to luxury level.
Detailed Description

Custom made luxury cosmetic product packaging boxes for Lancome |:


MOQ: 5000pcs;

Brand: Lancome;


Custom luxury cosmetic product packaging concepts |: luxury cosmetic packaging concept display | original innovative cosmetic product packaging design |. 


Cosmetic packaging boxes material and product craft |: gold foil paper and surface simulate the sand effect, wrap over recycle grey board. White hard spooge protect glass or plastic cosmetic jars in safe condition |. Kaki satin decorate the cosmetic catering to ladies' favor. Logo is shiny gold stamping decorate brand identity.Kaki satin/hard spooge/light gold color tone all factors create fermininity atomsphere fit to beauty. 


Luxe packaging boxes structure |: The luxe boxes adopt lid linked to base structure |, cosmetic inside glass cosmetic containers will display in luxury way when we open the cosmetic gift boxes lid |.  


Custom cosmetic packaging solutions |: Multiple cosmetic packaging material application | multiple product packaging concept | multiple cosmetic packaging craft application | packaging boxes structure design | and so on are personalized as per our original innovative cosmetic product packaging design |. Our custom cosmetic packaging solutions will help you achieve differential competition from your competitors. 


Application: Building the luxury brand, make your cosmetic appreciate via luxury packaging |, protect plastic or glass cosmetic bottles from damage| provide opportunity with consumers to feel the quality via visual and tactile sense, let ladies associate the luxury quality of our cosmetic boxes with your cosmetic products, improve the shopping experience, bring more wow elements to your cosmetic. 


Added value: Our original innovative cosmetic packaging design will not only provide you with model shape design & graphic design for cosmetic boxes and cosmetic containers |, but also packaging boxes structure design |. Our one stop service will provide you with not only cosmetic gift boxes |, but also cosmetic containers |. So we help you reduce purchasing cost and improve working efficiency. 

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